Montreal – a city that beats to its own rhythm more than any other metropolis in North America! Boasting the best of European charm and North American vitality, the City of Festivals has one of the best events scenes in the world. Montrealers know how to enjoy the many pleasures of life by eating and drinking, being entertained and celebrating life and love – and Adagio is proud to announce that it’s expanding into the scene.

“We are delighted to expand into the city and are proud to take part of the look and feel, the restaurants, the nightlife, and the numerous festivals that happen all year round celebrating culture, fashion, film, music and lifestyle.” We are really pushing the boundaries of the valet parking industry and are happy to contribute to the evolving way Montrealers enjoy attending events. – Adagio Valet.

Our valet services are enjoying great success in Toronto catering to weddings, corporate events, charity galas and fundraisers while success has been reached as a result of an added touch of luxury, class, courtesy and respect.

The best of what Montreal has to offer:

Boutique Hotels

Old Montreal has become in the last 10 years a hub for amazing boutique hotels. People are looking for a different kind of experience and that’s why Montreal hotels are always offering an added element of surprise that’s unique only to the cosmopolitan’s charming French and English blend.


Montreal is full of ethnic diversity which makes it one of the most interesting places in North America. Tourists come from all over the world to enjoy the eclectic cuisine. Many of the restaurants have been around for over 50 to 100 years with lots of hidden gems each with their very own unique traditions and secret recipes.

Wedding Events

There are various high-profile wedding events that happen throughout the year such as the Montreal wedding Show which is Canada’s largest bridal show and the September Montreal Wedding show which is Quebec’s second largest bridal event.


The International Festival of Films on Art is one of the finest film festivals in the world. There are also several high-profile festivals that occur during the month of May such as The Pointe-a’Callier’s Culture Feast and the Montreal Chamber of Music Festival in May which features a range of music combined with theater, dance and opera.


The vast number of innovative fundraisers and charitable functions that take place in Montreal include fundraising tournaments, galas, dinners and high-profile balls. Montrealers love to participate in fundraising events like runs for United Way, walks for cancer, and rides for MS, eyesight and the heart.

Montreal, here we come!

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