Is Valet Parking Affordable for My Event? You Bet! Come to Us for Affordable Valet Parking

If you’re wondering whether your event warrants the need for a valet service, ask yourself a few key points: Are you getting married with lots of guests? Are you holding a formal event where there will be limited on-street parking? Do you have many guests coming to your home, with nowhere for them all to park? Keep in mind that the price of valet parking service can range widely in the Greater Toronto Area and Montreal. You may think valet parking is an expensive added service.

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How to Choose the Right Valet Parking Company

Sure, it can be overwhelming when faced with the decision on which valet parking company to hire. After all, it’s your big day and a very special event, so you want to make sure it’s perfect. But a little research is all it takes to ensure you choose the best valet parking company in the GTA and Montreal, Quebec. There are four main points to take into consideration: professionalism, insurance, references and reliability. First, make sure the company you choose exudes professionalism. Continue reading

Designated Drivers at Your Service

Ok, so one of your guests at your event has had a little too much to drink. Not to worry, our valet staff will simply get behind the steering wheel of the guest’s vehicle with the guest in the passenger seat and drive them home, no questions asked. What a convenience! When you hold a private function or organized event, whether at a private residence, restaurant, event venue, or hotel, alcohol is frequently involved. Continue reading

The Difference Valet Parking makes for Restaurants?

You may say to yourself: “What difference can valet parking for restaurants possibly make? Can’t people park their own cars? Do they really expect someone to park their vehicle for them?” If you can foresee guests being happier for the convenience to dine at your restaurant, than you should definitely consider offering valet parking. Continue reading

Adagio Valet Opening in Montreal

Montreal – a city that beats to its own rhythm more than any other metropolis in North America! Boasting the best of European charm and North American vitality, the City of Festivals has one of the best events scenes in the world. Montrealers know how to enjoy the many pleasures of life by eating and drinking, being entertained and celebrating life and love – and Adagio is proud to announce that it’s expanding into the scene. Continue reading