Is your establishment looking to provide concierge services in Toronto or Ottawa? Adagio Valet can provide a professional concierge service and can do so while also adhering to excellent customer service standards, adapting our service to meet the needs of clients, and maintaining our competitive pricing model.

Many buildings, including condominiums, malls and other commercial facilities have front-door staff, customer service and traffic control issues that could best be dealt with by the efficiency of having the constant presence of a trained professional concierge tasked with the responsibility of competently meetings all those needs.

There are many companies offering concierge services in Toronto and Ottawa, and the differences between them is not easy to see, and the choice between them is sometimes not easy to make. We can help make this choice easier by clearly outlining the benefits and capabilities of our service, and then providing you with a competitive price. Here are some of things we find intrinsically important when offering a concierge service:

  • We are Customer Service Oriented

As in all of our services, Adagio primary focus is on customer service and believes that all interactions with clients and guests should be successful in meeting their needs. Often, companies in the industry come focus solely on security, providing guards as opposed to customer service professionals. Guards are good at providing security but do not always ensure a comfortable, easy and welcoming atmosphere to enter into. Adagio’s ladies and gentlemen have the same  qualifications provided by others companies in the industry and in addition, they also have the Adagio focus on customer service approach that adds a sense of empathetic accommodation and helpfulness to their already strong professional presence.

  • Adapting to Needs

All of our clients are treated as preferential clients in that we appreciate that not all clients have the same needs, and we respect that their service vision is what we need to offer. Our service will be specially tailored to each and every client. Whether the need is parking control, or interacting with residents and guests to ensure that helpful information and actions are there as required, or aiding in some of the administrative services offered by the establishment, or any combination of services, the Adagio concierge is there to provide.

  • Competitive and Fair Pricing

There are other companies which also provide the high level of service and performance that we also take pride in providing, however, we also take pride in being fair to our clients. We seek to provide a top quality service without charging more than necessary and will are happy to discuss how we can make this happen. We want to build long relationships with our clients and our concern is ensuring their satisfaction with our services which also includes our price as our industry reputation depends on both.

With Adagio you get to experience the essence of luxury concierge service in Toronto (GTA) and Ottawa (Capital Region). Also, by working with Adagio, our clients also have facilitated access to our valet parking services and our guest services which provides bartenders and wait staff for any catered or special event that may have.

Adagio is about quality of living and with our customer service experience, expertise and vision we can augment quality while pricing fairly. Call us now to for more information about your next step towards Luxury with Adagio.