Permanent Valet Parking

Permanent valet parking is a valet parking service that Adagio Valet offers at your retail location anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa, and Montreal. 


10 Millions coverage for any damage

Premium service

Unmatched quality, guaranteed 

Always available

We dedicate ourselves
to your event’s success

Professional team

Skilled drivers, exceed expectations

Think about offering your clients a convenience of stopping by your store any time they want, not thinking about the weather or traffic. Moreover, now they will simply be tempted to spend more time at your location.

Permanent Valet Parking is available on a weekly part-time basis

Some venues and retail establishments periodically require valet services for certain days or nights of the week, depending on how busy their business is. We can provide part-time valet services as needed and would be happy to work out an arrangement that meets a client’s specific needs.

“Our mission is to treat every guest as a VIP, and our priorities are to exceed the customer service expectations of every guest as well as our clients and partners.”


  • Elegantly Attired Valets
  • Greeting Guests and
  • Opening Doors
  • Scheduled Staff
  • Staffing Selections Based on Clientele
  • Custom Branding
  • Lot Organization
  • Сonvenience
  • Active Engagement
  • Parking Solutions
  • Maximizes Available Parking
  • Mitigates Adverse Weather Conditions
  • Value Added Competitive Edge 

Plan your next event with us!

Permanent Valet Parking is available on a weekly part-time basis

The permanent valet parking can either be offered as complimentary for guests, customers and patrons, or at a low cost based on area parking rates. Whether complimentary or low-cost, the service is used to attract new customers and differentiate our client’s from their competition.

With our professional service, your clients are more likely to choose your location if they know that they will no longer need to worry about parking.  After all, it is all about great customer experience, isn’t it? They will feel more welcome if they will no longer have to walk in rain, snow, or wind, to make their way to your store.

Permanent Valet Parking is available on a weekly part-time basis

Stay ahead of your competition – make your clients want to visit you more often and browse in your store longer! All the time that they spend looking for parking around your store they might simply be shopping at your location or enjoying the benefits of your service.  A little investment in superior customer service will go a long way!


Top Choice Award Winner

Best Valet Parking Company in Toronto 2016