Ok, so one of your guests at your event has had a little too much to drink. Not to worry, our valet staff will simply get behind the steering wheel of the guest’s vehicle with the guest in the passenger seat and drive them home, no questions asked. What a convenience! When you hold a private function or organized event, whether at a private residence, restaurant, event venue, or hotel, alcohol is frequently involved. This can affect drivers’ abilities. The peace of mind that a professional valet can take on the responsibilities of driving a guest home, makes hosting an event less stressful. As a host, you have assurance that no guest will drink and drive, posing a safety risk to not only the guest, but others on the road.

Hiring Toronto or Montreal designated drivers frees you up from worrying about liability issues – a big weight off your shoulders, right? When you hire a reputable valet service, you don’t have to concern yourself with these and other worries. We take care of it all, from greeting guests to safely parking cars, even to traffic directing. Large events with more than 1000 people may require traffic directing to assist guests in locating parking quickly. Venues with many different events happening at the same time will create an organized parking solution by providing a traffic directing service. So, as you can see, we offer many valuable services to our clientele. Choose reputable Toronto and Montreal designated drivers to handle all the concerns that come with putting on a classy event. You don’t have time to worry about inebriated guests or traffic direction. This is why it’s always a good idea to let the professionals handle it. You want your restaurant, event venue or conference center to have a competitive edge, so achieve that by offering a classy touch with valet parking. We know it can be overwhelming when faced with the decision on which valet parking company to hire. Ensure the company you hire is impeccable in terms of presentation and service. When looking for designated drivers in the Greater Toronto Area and Montreal, look no further than Adagio Valet.

Call us at 416-800-0454 or Toll-Free 1-855-423-2446 to find out how we can make your event extra special. We provide an online quote request form for you to see how we can fit in your budget. Plus, we offer an outline of services, photos and so much more.