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Sure, it can be overwhelming when faced with the decision on which valet parking company to hire. After all, it’s your big day and a very special event, so you want to make sure it’s perfect. But a little research is all it takes to ensure you choose the best valet parking company in the GTA and Montreal, Quebec.

There are four main points to take into consideration: professionalism, insurance, references and reliability. First, make sure the company you choose exudes professionalism. This doesn’t just refer to dress, either, although that is important. It has more to do with being courteous, prompt, reliable and respectful.“

You want someone who looks pristine in his uniform, will jump to attention when a guest arrives, greet them appropriately, and use his best manner when dealing with clients. You don’t want someone who rushes the process, fails to greet the guest and haphazardly parks the car, do you? Next up is insurance.

Make sure any valet parking company you choose is up to date on its insurance, which protects you in the event your car is damaged in any way. A company with the proper insurance will provide compensation to your vehicle, giving you additional peace of mind. Third, consider references in your search for a reputable valet parking company. Never hire a company without asking for references first. 

References include previous clients of the company who can attest to the attendants’ professional manner and competence. You can call these references to find out what the company is like to work with, how well they do their jobs and what the overall satisfaction rate is. You may also view testimonials on the website to see what clients have to say, but it’s always best to personally speak with a reference for the ultimate credibility. Lastly, reliability is something you should check out thoroughly. 

Lots of things can contribute to finding out if a particular valet parking company is reliable. This can include courteous attention, prompt services, solid conflict resolution skills, and overall efficiency and task management.

This one’s a biggie. You want to do all the research you can on the reliability of a particular company. Call references, ask to observe another event where the valets will be working, and meet with the company’s manager to go over protocol. Sometimes you need to actually experience the event before you know if a company is truly reliable. That’s where we come in.

At Adagio Valet, we put you first – every time. To speak with one of our valet specialists and learn how we can make your day even more special, give us a call at 416-800-0454 or Toll-Free 1-855-423-2446.


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