When planning a corporate event, you want to consider how you can set your event apart from all the others. You can achieve this in several ways, one of which is to hire a valet parking service to handle guests’ parking and arrival needs. What better way to make an impression on your clients and co-workers than to ensure they arrive and depart in style? Add an extra touch to your corporate event by employing trusted providers of corporate event valet parking staff.

Make your corporate event classy with uniformed valets who handle everything from greetings and door openings to car parking and security. You may wonder what the benefits are to corporate event valet parking? Well, there are several benefits to consider.

First, valet parking will save guests time in looking for street parking. Let’s face it; we’re all in a rush these days to find quick, accessible and close parking when we want to get somewhere. With so many people pressed for time, especially your valued clients, it’s always a good idea to reduce their aggravation and time spent searching for an elusive parking spot when arriving to an event. In adverse weather conditions, you don’t want your clients or colleagues trying to run from the rain to your event, which just sets everyone up for a bad mood. Alleviate all these potential stressors and hire the best for corporate event valet parking.

Aside from assistance in adverse weather conditions, providing a valet parking service for your corporate event gives your guests a memorable experience they won’t forget. They are sure to remember the extra special treatment they were given when they attended your event. This can only translate to good news when it comes to future business with your company, right? Treat your guests to a lavish and luxurious arrival, thanks to our elegantly attired valet staff, who will open the car door for your guests, offer a hand, escort them to the front entrance and then park the car in a safe spot for easy retrieval.

When the event is over, the valet staff will once again greet the guests, bring the car around, hold open the door and issue a farewell. This all adds to the experience of being doted on and feeling special. To inquire about valet parking for a corporate event, please fill out our online quote request form – you’ll be surprised to learn that our services are within your budget!

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