traffic directing service

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Adagio Valet offers a traffic directing service throughout the Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa, and Montreal. The Traffic Directing Service we offer helps customers and guests find event and venue parking easily.

No stress parking is guaranteed with our Traffic Directing Service! Even in Toronto!

Our Traffic directors will organize the parking area and cut out the time needed driving around the parking lot area looking for an open spot.

Show your guests that you care by offering stress-free traffic directing!

Adagio Valet’s professional staff will be happy to direct guests to the nearest available parking spot, which makes parking a lot less stressful and ensures a quick car-to-service or car-to-venue transition time. You know how difficult it is in Toronto to find a parking spot!

Our traffic directors will also ensure that parking is efficient and that the allotted parking area use is maximized so that all available space is used efficiently and effectively.

We will make sure all your guests will arrive at your event safely and in style. We will help to avoid those uncomfortable situations when your guests are:

  • having trouble finding parking spots,
  • can not leave because their car is blocked
  • have a dispute over a parking spot
  • have trouble getting in and out of the driveway

Let alone the situations when your guests are so frustrated they might accidentally scratch your other guests’ car when trying to navigate and maneuver around the parking.

After all, they are here to enjoy your event and celebrate with you. Do not make them feel like they are in the shopping mall in Christmastime!

We are even thinking about your neighbors too!

Having professional Traffic Directing service will also help you to maintain good relations with your neighbors. We will make sure that your guests’ arrival and departure does not cause inconvenience to them. They will see that your guests are well taken care of, and we will do our best to help eliminate situations when your guests block your neighbor driveway or park in their spots. Don’t let a one-time event ruin your relations with neighbors for good.

Not enough spots for parking around?

Once it comes to planning your event we will be able to have a look at your location and offer solutions that will work the best for you and your guests. We will do our best to come with the right custom strategy to maximize accessibility. After all, there are no 2 parties alike! We might integrate our other services in our strategy. We also offer event valet parking which helps to eliminate parking challenges too.


If you are interested in our Traffic Directing Service for your Toronto event, venue or establishment, please feel free to contact Adagio Valet at 416-800-0454 or toll-free 1-855-4ADAGIO (23-2446) and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have, discuss our services and find an arrangement that best fits your needs.