Valet parking service

The demand for valet services has increased throughout North America and Canada’s major cities with Toronto leading the trend. We have designed a valet parking service that meets and exceeds our client’s high expectations and offers convenience and prestige to their function.


10 Millions coverage for any damage

Premium service

Unmatched quality, guaranteed 

Always available

We dedicate ourselves to your event’s success

Professional team

Skilled drivers, exceed expectations

As many as high-end event venues as Toronto has to offer – most of them will also offer a challenge when it comes to parking.  Every seasoned party planner knows that.
Show your guests that you care from the moment they arrive!

Reliable Valet Parking Service for any Occasion in Toronto

  • Bar/bat mitzvah
  • Christmas party
  • New Year’s Eve party
  • Engagement party
  • Corporate party
  • Professional corporate function
  • Charity gala
  • Fundraiser event
  • Anniversary party
  • Birthday party

At Adagio Valet do our best to ensure that our valet parking service offers a great beginning and end to an exceptional celebration.
From our first event many years ago, through the nearly thousand events we have already provided our service for, to the hundreds of events we perform at now, progressive innovative evolution with the principles of customer service at heart has been the focus of Adagio’s Management team.

Our Valet parking service keeps the fast pace with the times!

We always adapt, redesign and upgrade our service to the highest levels of excellence while also maintaining a competitive pricing model.

Recently, on top of our great rates, elegantly attired staff, and superior customer service, we have also added a Text-4-Your-Car service blending SMS technology with service logistics in order to provide even more convenience for our client’s and partners guests, customers and patrons.

We believe that all guests deserve VIP treatment.

We will treat your guests with attention and care so that they will feel that they are a part of the great experience and your undivided attention extends to them.

From the moment they approach the venue the usual challenge with finding parking and walking all the way to the entrance dodging other parking cars will disappear as if by magic.  They will pull to the entrance and will be able to go right in, in the mood for celebration leaving the keys and all the parking troubles to our valets.

Whether it is a busy downtown area or an out of city event venue we will make sure that your clients are safe and comfortable and not concerned about parking. They will arrive at your event thinking about your celebration, nothing else.

Your Guests will feel welcome at your vent!

Don’t you love that feeling when every little detail is taken care of? Why not offer your guests the worry-free valet parking? Rain or shine they can easily pull to the event main entrance and simply hand in us the key – we will take care of the rest.  Carefree they will arrive at your party not thinking about finding a parking spot, not having to walk half a mile in rain or snow in the dress shoes…

The easy convenience of traffic directing service by Adagio Valet

Adagio Valet also offers a traffic directing service helps guests and customers to find the nearest available parking when attending very busy popular events.

Our Traffic directing service can help eliminate your guests’ stress by helping them to navigate busy parking lots, and safely and efficiently diverting traffic.

This service also helps to ensure that parking lots and areas are used to their maximum efficiency and therefore more spots are available.


Top Choice Award Winner

Best Valet Parking Company in Toronto 2016